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I was working at addeco and reported a case of racial discrimination to the manager and to an addeco manger. A little time had passed by and me and another co worker had a dispute where he changed places with another co worker to come over and harrasse and solicit me.

We got into it very bad and the company addeco let me work for another two weeks then out of the blue the addeco manager came to me and told me I had been laid off do to a slow work production. So I called in to the office and and reported what happened then he went in and changed my status to being fired. He keep on changing my status to fit his needs.

Then I filed a complaint through boli which didn’t help out much. Come to find out there were more lies they caned up with to cover there *** so now I’m in the process of getting a lawyer and going to the news to let everyone know what this coming did to me and still allowing discrimination to happen in their work place.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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